5 Creative Money-Saving Tips From a Great Remodeler

Creative Money-Saving Remodeling Ideas

Home renovation costs can add up quickly if not properly managed. If you plan carefully and do thorough research, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a remodeling project with a help of a reliable remodeler. These creative money-saving ideas will still get you a great remodel but at a fraction of the price.

Have a Budget

Before beginning a home renovation project, create a detailed budget. You might need to factor in the cost of a hotel for a couple of nights during a renovation or dining costs if your kitchen will be off-limits for a while. Once you have an idea of costs, add 10% to that budget to account for any cost overruns.

Avoid Debt

Easier said than done, right? There are plenty of financing options out there for home improvements, like a home equity line of credit (HELOC) but beware, not all home improvements have a high return on investment.

Develop Detailed Plan

Like planning a budget, and setting a detailed plan for a remodeling project. Define the scope of your project and stay within those parameters. It’s easy to let your imagination run wild, but if you stick to the plan, you’ll have a project that comes in at a cost and one you’ll love.

Reuse Materials

Your cabinets might drive you nuts or you can’t stand the cabinet fixtures. Think twice before throwing either out. You can easily paint your cabinets for a new look or use those fixtures elsewhere.

Refinish Floors

Rather than replacing your flooring, you can opt to refinish them, if you have hardwood floors or something like Pergo flooring. You can pick up a liquid etcher to scrub the floor and add a new finish for a refreshed look.

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